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Gilford Street, Montreal

Images, information, pictures and historical building on this street. Discover Montral's history street by street                                            

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Gilford Street
This small winding street is named that way because of a spelling error. The real name was Guibord from Joseph Guibord a printer member of the Canadian Institute. His death had raised an huge controversy, as part of the Canadian Institute, an institution considered liberal, Monseigneur Bourget refused the burial of Joseph Guibord in a Catholic cemetery. He was finally buried in the cemetery of Notre-Dame des Neiges, ownership of Notre-Dame Parish, led by the Sulpicians (an act of rebellion against the bishop?). The time gave reason to Msg Bourget and the Canadian Institute ceases its activities.

1876 : Opening year of this street or name change

Former name of this street : rue des carrières rue Verchères rue Paul Kruger

Boroughs / districts where theses pictures where taken : Plateau Mont-Royal

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Reference book: Les Rues de Montréal, répertoire Historique see

Pictures taken on this street

Corner house
Corner house
Gilford Street
Gilford Street
Gilford at Grand-Pré
Gilford at Grand-Pré
Mural on Gilford
Mural  on Gilford

Historical buildings and skysrapers on this street

Ancienne école
Ancienne école
De Lorimier School
De Lorimier School
Théâtre du rideau vert
Théâtre du rideau vert

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  Store windows on this street
Borough Plateau Mont-Royal
408, Rue Gilford
Borough Plateau Mont-Royal
418, rue Gilford

  Montreal's streets : some facts Source
  • Since Montreal include some suburb towns, there are three series of avenues (three 1st avenues!)
  • The Côte Saint-Antoine road is the oldest track on the island that still in use. It was used by the native Amerindians to bypass the mountain
  • Nearly 400 names are waiting for a new street in the Toponymic bank of Montreal