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Dufresne Street, Montreal

Images, information, pictures and historical building on this street. Discover Montral's history street by street                                            

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Dufresne Street

1843 : Opening year of this street or name change

Boroughs / districts where theses pictures where taken : Centre-Sud

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Reference book: Les Rues de Montréal, répertoire Historique see

Pictures taken on this street

Dufresne Street
Dufresne Street
Dufresne Street
Dufresne Street

Historical buildings and skysrapers on this street

Saving Bank
Saving Bank
Quintal Bath
Quintal Bath
Hospice Gamelin
Hospice Gamelin
Série de triplex sur Dufresne
Série de triplex sur Dufresne

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  Montreal's streets : some facts Source
  • The longest street in Montreal is Gouin Boulevard with his 50 Km
  • Montreal has more than 7630 5617 km of roadway
  • 19 bridges are surrounding Montreal