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Photo | Tunnel under the mountain

Note for this streets : 4.81 / 10 - 190 votes
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Le tunnel de la montagne vers le nord

Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

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Tunnel under the mountain

Tunnel under the mountain

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   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1918)
    See History of Montreal Section
  • Annexation of the Maisonneuve city to the city of Montreal
  • Province of Quebec put Montreal under his control
  • First train under the mountain: It transports millitaires leaving for Sébastopol to Russia
  Facts about Montreal Source    More statistics on Montreal
  • A Montreal's nick name is : La ville aux cents clochés
  • Montreal was founded in 1642 by Maisonneuve
  • Montreal is the second largest city in Canada
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