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Westmount Square (south tower)

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Skyscraper : 6.79 / 10 - 278 votes
Building's name

Westmount Square (south tower)

Other name(s): Westmount Square Offices


Freedlander & Dunne  
Plachta & Kryton  
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe  

Location / address
rue Sainte-Catherine West

Near subway station Atwater

  Bus : 63, 90

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City of Westmount
Centre de l'Île

22 floors(overground)

Year of completion

Building type

Last update:

CodeIMTL 784
Complex real estate

Westmount Square

Westmount Square (south tower)

This picture was taken on : 2008:09

Picture by Alexis Hamel
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History and facts about this building
The multi functional complex Westmount Square is the Montreal major work of the architect Mies Van der Rohe. Located at the western limit of downtown Montreal. The south tower is part of a complex of three towers including two towers used as luxury apartment and the other one for office space. The complex includes an underground shopping center and is linked to Atwater metro station.

Composed of curtain walls, the building shows the signature of his creator by its entry completely open with large windows. This building belongs to the modern period.

   Silhouette Factor : 22 (number of floor more than surrounding buildings within a 100 meters radius)
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Picture of borough Westmount

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  Building achieved the same year (1968)
   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1968)
    See History of Montreal Section
  • Annexation of City of Saint-Michel.
  Facts about Montreal Source    More statistics on Montreal
  • Snow is falling 61 days a year in Montreal
  • Montreal have more then 266 KM of river bank
  • Area of Montreal city is 482,8 km2
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