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Place Ville-Marie

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Building's name

Place Ville-Marie

Other name(s): 1 de la Place Ville-Marie


Pei Cobb Freed & Partners  
Affleck and Associates  

Location / address
1 Place Ville-Marie / René-Lévesque Ouest

Near subway station Bonaventure

  Bus : 61, 150, 168, 435

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Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

43 floors(overground)
188 m
Beginning of construction

Year of completion

Building type

Last update:

CodeIMTL 8
Complex real estate

Place Ville-Marie

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Place Ville-Marie

This picture was taken on : 2007:05

History and facts about this building

On a clear day, a light beam passes through the sky of Montreal at regular intervals. This light comes from the rotating huge light at the top of the Place Ville Marie.

Place Ville Marie has been built above the CN railroad tunnel. see this old image. The tunnel was a real scar in the urban face of Montreal because a long part was simply trench .

Underground shopping mall connected to the central station gave birth to the Montreal underground city. It is interesting to point out that interior mall was not foreseen in the original plans of the project. This is the face of the increasing popularity of suburbs malls that forced designers to react. The project designers were surely ignoring then the magnitude that took pedestrian network connecting various buildings of downtown Montreal.

With the CIBC Tower, those skyscrapers were responsible of the downtown and business district to move from Old Montreal to St. Catherine Street. Place Ville Marie is still among the largest office space in Canada. The building has:

  • 32 elevators
  • 900 indoor parking spaces
  • floor area of 1612141 square

    This building is owned by the SITQ (Caisse de dépôt et placement) to 50%

    Webb & Company Knap, which finance and manage the project. In 1958 they signed the lease that would ensure the viability of the project: A 99-year lease for the rental of 20% of the building will be signed by James Muir, chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada.

    Companies who finance this project had several requests for Montreal. One was the widening of surrounding streets. The necessary expropriations cost $ 8 million and lead to the disappearance of several historic buildings including the famous St James Club.

    In 1959 estimated construction costs to $ 45 million. Now Montreal city Tax department evaluate Place Ville-Marie complex to 616,000,000

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1912

Centre-Ville avant la Place Ville-Marie - 1912 plate 15 Carte complète - réference & source

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1880

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1949

Centre-Ville de Montréal - carte aérienne 1947-1949 VM97-3_7P8-29 Carte complète - réference & source

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1949

Vue satellite de Montréal - 1959 Carte complète - réference & source

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners  
Affleck and Associates  
Constructor and other companies involved in construction:
Webb & Knapp
   Silhouette Factor : 43 (number of floor more than surrounding buildings within a 100 meters radius)
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Picture of borough Downtown

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   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1962)
    See History of Montreal Section
  • Opening of the Champlain bridge
  • Montreal's first underground tunnel between Place Ville-Marie and the Central Station
  Facts about Montreal Source    More statistics on Montreal
  • Montreal is receiving more snow falls than any other big city in the world
  • A Montreal's nick name is : La ville aux cents clochés
  • Montreal was founded in 1642 by Maisonneuve
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