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Jamaica Pavilion expo 1967

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Building's name

Jamaica Pavilion expo 1967


George F. Eber  

Location / address
Île Notre-Dame

  Bus : 777

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Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

2 floors(overground)

Year of completion

Building type
Public Building

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CodeIMTL 4425

Jamaica Pavilion expo 1967

Picture by Alexis Hamel - - taken on : 2007:11

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History and facts about this building
The Jamaica pavilion is one of the few building that still stand after Expo 67. This building is located not far from the Casino de Montreal.

George F. Eber  
Constructor and other companies involved in construction:
Blauer, Horvath & Associates, Bryan Elliott Limited
Modifications :
M. A. Mathieu

    Île Notre-Dame Area

    This building is located in the «Secteur de valeur patrimoniale exceptionnelle Île Notre-Dame» AKA : "Area of outstanding heritage value Notre-Dame Island".

    Expo 67

    This pavilion was built for the 1967 Universal Exhibition which had the theme Man and his world. The City of Montreal then created from scratch the Ile Notre-Dame Island and made great development on St. Helene Island with among others the extension of the island to connect with Round Island. The Expo was a success with over 50 million visitors.

    Works cited, references and bibliography

    [Books] Patrimoine en devenir: l'architecture moderne du Québec
    [Books] Sur les traces du Montréal Moderne et du domaine de L’Estérel au Québec.

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    Expo 67

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   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1967)
    See History of Montreal Section
  • International exhibition
  • Opening of the Bridge-Tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine
  • Opening of the Décarie motorway
  • First Saturday of Expo 67: 423,000 visitors on the site
  • A fifty millionth visitor enters Expo 67, one day before events ends
  Facts about Montreal Source    More statistics on Montreal
  • There are more then 480 buildings over 10 storeys in Montreal
  • Montreal attract more then 10 millions tourists a year
  • Snow is falling 61 days a year in Montreal
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