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Drummond Court Appartements

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Building's name

Drummond Court Appartements


Louis Napoléon Audet  

Location / address
2015 Drummond Street Boulevard / boulevard de Maisonneuve
Quebec, Canada

Near subway station Peel

  Bus : 15

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Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

10 floors(overground)
40 m
Year of completion

Building type

Last update:

CodeIMTL 739

Drummond Court Appartements

This picture was taken on : 2008:01

    Skyscrapers of second generation

    This building was built after the new municipal bill of 1901 that limits commercial skyscraper's height at 10 floors or 130 feet. This regulation was in force until 1923 and marked the second generation of skyscrapers in Montreal. In addition to the height, another characteristic of this generation of skyscrapers is the division into three parts of the facade. The first part, one to two floors generally offers larger windows and a different facade materials. The second part between the second and eight or ninth floor shows smaller windows close to each others, very regular. The third part usually includes the top two floors and marks a break in the rhythm of the front with an horizontal line and often a decoration more pronounced of windows.

    Guy-Drummond Area

    This building is located in the «Secteur de valeur patrimoniale exceptionnelle Guy-Drummond» AKA : "Area of outstanding heritage value Guy-Drummond", between Sherbrooke West and Ste. Catherine West.

    Works cited, references and bibliography

    [Books] Les gratte-ciel de Montréal
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  • Montreal population: 1 812 723 in city and 3 426 350 with suburbs
  • There are four world class universities in Montreal
  • Montreal is receiving more snow falls than any other big city in the world
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