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Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

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Building's name

Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

Other name(s): Cathédrale Saint-Jacques, Saint-James, la Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-monde


Victor Bourgeau  
Alcibiade Leprohon  
Joseph Michaud  

Location / address
1085 de la Cathédrale Street Boulevard / boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest
Quebec, Canada

Near subway station Bonaventure

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Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

4 floors(overground)

Beginning of construction

Year of completion

Building type

Last update:

CodeIMTL 96

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Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

This picture was taken on : 2009:06

Picture by Alexis Hamel
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History and facts about this building
This low scale replica of St. Peter's cathedral was built to replace the one located on Saint-Denis (Saint-Jacques) destroyed several times by fires.

Construction of the basilica lasted for over 24 years between the foundation stone (1870) and its opening after the blessing of Bishop Fabre. The statues that adorn the facade were completed in 1900.

Its location in the heart of the English Protestant district reflected the provocative side of Bishop Bourget, second Montreal bishop and instigator of this construction.

Today the basilica is surrounded by the tallest skyscrapers in Montreal and is one of the most visited by tourists visiting Montreal.

This building has a Neo-Renaissance architectural style.

Cathedral, one of the largest temples of the New World, is one of the most graceful of the city. This is an abridged but faithful copy of Saint-Pierre de Rome. The Dominion beautiful square which provides a framework for its magnificent soaring monumental dome. When Bishop Lartigue was appointed bishop of Telmesse (1821), with responsibility for administering the Church of Montreal, he continued the seminary of Saint Sulpice and Notre-Dame became a sort of provisional cathedral in Montreal. But including the disadvantages could result from the presence of the bishop at the seminar he soon settled at the old Hotel-Gods ...
This translated quote is from the book: Guide de Montréal, XXIe congrès eucharistique de Montréal.


Victor Bourgeau  
Alcibiade Leprohon  
Joseph Michaud  
Constructor and other companies involved in construction:
Lepage et Pépin, Maison Benoît
Modifications :
Crevier Lemieux et Mercier

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